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Same Day Crowns

One-Visit Porcelain Crowns – Digital Digital Dentistry

No more temps – No more waiting – Easier for you with Better Results!

Everyday we are restoring damaged and broken teeth with strong, natural looking, and precise fitting porcelain crowns – made while you wait, using computers and digital technology…


It Only Takes One Visit To Get Your Brightest Smile! 

Here’s How We Do it…

  • Using our hand-held laser scanner, we are able to ‘digitize’ your mouth. This scanner takes thousands of images and the software creates a 3D Image of your teeth.
  • From here we virtually design the crown to be in harmony with your other teeth and have the correct bite and contacts.
  • We then use our computer mill to carve the crown from a solid block of porcelain, which is then bonded to your tooth, restoring it back to have perfect function and aesthetics.

Why Digital Dentistry?

This method is not done everywhere, it takes quite a bit of education and training to be able to use this technology, and also requires us to invest in expensive equipment to offer this to you.

  1. We use digital dentistry because with it we can give you a better result! The fit of these crowns is far superior to any other method, which means your new crown will last longer and keep the tooth underneath healthier.
  2. It saves you time. No longer must you wear an uncomfortable ‘temporary’ plastic tooth while waiting for a dental laboratory to create a porcelain crown. Typically patients wait 2 weeks for this, and even the best laboratories sometimes create crowns that do not fit properly, requiring it to be remade, taking even more time, appointments, and injections!
  3. No gooey impressions needed! That’s right, everyone’s least favorite part is now obsolete. Instead of having a goopy mess in your mouth for 5 minutes, waiting for it to dry, and gagging, we take a digital scan which takes seconds, is painless, and gives us a more accurate result!

Restore Your Smile Today!

So… a better fitting crown, done while you wait, with less pain and gagging is the result….really a simple choice. This is the best method. We are excited and proud to offer this treatment to our patients at Stony Brook Family Dentistry!!!

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